Panoramic FX1

The Panoramic FX1, the Revolutionary Fire of the Future, is now DEFRA approved for use in smokeless zones.

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Product Description

The panoramic FX1 woodburning stove offers a fresh and innovative design, perfectly engineered for a traditional method of heating with a modern and contemporary appearance.

Its unique and minimalist design provides the perfect centre-piece for any living room, combined with the benefit of burning a carbon-neutral fuel in the form of seasoned hardwood logs.

The Panoramic , as the name suggests, stuns from all angles and gives the illusion of a large open log burning fire, and its air wash system works by attracting air behind the viewing window ensuring as clear a view as possible.

This product is manufactured in the UK and shipped to you Free of Charge.

A Modern Eliptical Design with one of the largest glass doors available gives an unrivalled view of the fire.

The Panoramic has pre-heated airwash technology and the firebox is lined with vermiculite to guarantee optimum efficiency

With real emphasis being put on us to be environmentally friendly, now is the time to consider your use of alternative fuels. Woodburning is an extremely efficient way of heating your home and by choosing our stove you can make a real difference to carbon emissions. Wood is classed a carbon neutral as it consumes more CO2 whilst growing than it does burning.

Wide range of Specialist Benefits

Carbon Neutral Fuel
Output 8kw
CE Marked
Fuel:Seasoned Hardwood
Panoramic View
Easy to Clean Glass
Airwash Facility
Simple Loading:Easy Access Door
Optional multi-fuel conversion grate
Front Panel Colour change options


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