Aduro 13-1

This is also a super-combusting stove. Aduro 13-1 has uniquely low particle emission – 1.16 g/kg wood which is among the lowest in the world.

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Product Description

This charming cast-iron stove with side glass is the perfect solution for narrow spaces. The stove’s exterior is made of cast iron to provide soft curves and fine detailing. The handle is integrated into the stove so that the handle does not protrude into the room. It is not only the design of this stove that is noticeable.  External air supply Aduro 13-1 has external air supply where air for combustion from an external source is connected directly to the stove. The air supply itself is concealed behind or beneath the stove. The optimum choice for very well-insulated homes.

Convection stove, air-wash system, ashpan, primary, secondary and tertiary air supply

Nominal power: 5 kW

Operational area: 2-7 kW

Flue outlet: Ø150 mm top/rear

Heats: 30-120 m2

Weight: 92 kg

Distance to combustible material: behind 21 cm, at side 46 cm

Distance to combustible material behind stove with insulated flue pipe 9 cm

Distance to furniture: 100 cm

Width of wood chamber: 39/31 cm

Max log length: 35 cm

Dimension in mm (HxWxD): 970 x 480 x 345 mm

Distance from floor to centre of rear outlet: 855 mm

Distance from centre of exhaust branch to rear edge of wood burning stove: 160 mm

Height exhaust branch above floor level: 960 mm

Colour black

Energy efficiency 80,5%


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