9kw Wood burner

Based on our excellent mid range stove, this Wildwood version is a very capable stove where both room heating and boiler options are needed. As on all Fireview stoves, a full range of canopies are available which allows you choice to blend with your decor.

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Product Description

Efficiency Rating:- 78.5%

The standard finish for the above stove is metallic black, although the following finishes are also available from the factory:
Rich Brown Metallic, Honey Glow Brown, Blue Metallic and Forest Green.
(Ask your Dealer for a colour chart).

This stove is also available in the following options:

  • Double sided, single depth (same size stove with doors front and rear, ideal for rooms with a split partition).
  • Double sided, double depth (high output  version of the single depth stove for the larger room size).

Accessories available are:

  • Vertical rear flue adaptor.

Boiler options available are:

  • 8,000 Btu Slab Boiler (takes the place of the rear fire board) 1 inch bsp thread 1 inlet 1 outlet.
  • 20,000 Btu  Slab Boiler (takes the place of the rear fire board, tho larger than the 8kw)  1 inch bsp thread 1 inlet 1 outlet.
  • 30,000 Btu Split Saddle Boiler (takes the place of all the fire boards) 1 inch bsp thread 2 inlets 2 outlets.
  • 8-12,000 Btu Roof Boiler.
  • Please see instruction manual for plumbing suggestions.

Height: 763mmWidth: 642mmDepth: 456mm
Flue Outlet Size: 155mm
Top Flue Centre 200mm
Boiler Output in BTU: 8-38,000 bts`s
Maximum Log Length: 430mm


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