6kw Wood burner

The Woodwarm 6kw Wildwood stove is a fantastic room heater and, like most of our stoves, has four different top options, Flat top, Profile top, Low curved canopy and High curved canopy. This stove combines the virtues of all the Woodwarm stoves with the classic clean burn system, generating a clear and clean view of the fire at all times.

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Product Description

Efficiency Rating:- 79.1%

The standard finish for the above stove is metallic black, although the following finishes are also available from the factory:
Rich Brown Metallic, Honey Glow Brown, Blue Metallic and Forest Green.
(Ask your Dealer for a colour chart).

This stove is also available in the following options:

  • Double sided, single depth (same size stove with doors front and rear, ideal for rooms with a split partition).
  • Double sided, double depth (high output  version of the single depth stove for the larger room size).
  • Brass handles.

Accessories available are:

  • Vertical rear flue adaptor

Boiler options available are:

  • 8,000 Btu Slab Boiler (takes the place of the rear fire board) 1 inch bsp thread 1 inlet 1 outlet.
  • 20,000 Btu  Slab Boiler (takes the place of the rear fire board, tho larger than the 8kw)  1 inch bsp thread 1 inlet 1 outlet.
  • 25,000 Btu Split Saddle Boiler (takes the place of all the fire boards) 1 inch bsp thread 2 inlets 2 outlets.
  • Please see instruction manual for plumbing suggestions.

Height: 727mmWidth: 558mmDepth: 458mm
Flue Outlet Size: 155mm
Top Flue Centre 193mm
Boiler Output in BTU: 8-25,000 btu`s
Maximum Log Length: 368mm


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